Three Relationship Red Flags That Should Never Be Ignored

A young couple

In the beginning, everything was great. Love is in the air, couples are happy with one another, and spend every free minute smiling, hugging, and kissing. But as time passes, things can start to stagnate, and relationships can quickly take a negative dynamic that can be exhausting. However, this doesn’t happen overnight. There are different red flags that shouldn’t be ignored because they hint at the presence of problems.

1. Negative Talk About Their Ex

A couple having a discussion

Bringing up ex-partners when the conversation is relevant is perfectly normal and most people won’t react to it. However, the constant bashing of former lovers can be a sign that they haven’t fully got over them. Breaking up can be painful and lots of people instantly jump into new relationships only to feel better, which isn’t fruitful grounds for romance to flourish.

2. They Don’t Make the Effort to Communicate

young couple having trouble communicating

Lots of people, especially men, hate to overcommunicate but talking with your significant other is of paramount importance for a healthy relationship. Couples can’t read each other’s minds, which means that communication is crucial for handling disagreements or stressful situations. Partners who aren’t willing to open up can be hard to deal with, especially if the other party is open and transparent about their needs and desires.

3. Self-Centered Attitude

A guy taking a selfie

In terms of relationship red flags, this is perhaps one of the most flagrant and easy-to-notice. Dating is about two people getting to know one another. When the conversation is purely about one person, then something isn’t right. If someone spends more time looking at their phone instead of their partner, this relationship is most likely doomed.

Other Red Flags to Consider

Apart from the above-mentioned red flags, other indicators to consider are constant complaints, toxic behavior, and flirting with others under the pretense they’re just trying to be friendly.